June 1st 1926 a legend was born.

June 1st 2018 would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 92nd birthday, it is hard to imagine what Marilyn would look like at 92, or indeed how her life and career would have progressed as the years went on.  We will never know, we can only speculate.  What is unquestionable though however, is the love and devotion her legions of fans around the world still have for her to this very day.  To them and us, she will always be Marilyn, young and beautiful and frozen in time at 36.  An inspiration to millions.

June 1st is a day for celebration and joy and “Marilyn Remembered” fan club members took to Facebook to share their love for this incredible woman:

“Happy Birthday Marilyn! We love You!” ~ Jan

“Happy heavenly birthday MM” ~ Maria

“#MarilynMonroe #goddess #Icon Happy Birthday to Marilyn….. ????????Behind That character she only wanted to be loved Keep a good thought for her” ~ Patricia

♥️Wishing our sweet angel, Marilyn, a Happy Birthday in star Heaven!♥️…Today, (June 1rst), Marilyn would have been 92…hard to even imagine. She is forever young! God bless her beautiful soul and I truly know in my heart, that dear Norma Jeane is happy and at peace……LOTS of love to her and ALL who love her…Billy????…CHEERS!” ~ Billy

“Happy Birthday Marilyn…wish you were around to see all the people who love you and remember you today and always.” ~ Donna

“Happy 92nd birthday Marilyn! What have you guys done today? I wore my blue polkadot summer dress for the first time (with my Marilyn earrings), had a glass or two of bubbly, reread The Girl by Michelle Morgan and right now I’m watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I will be having steak and salad for dinner soon as it’s 9 pm. here in Finland. Overall, it’s been a great day. I needed a new Marilyn boost and I think I’ve got it now. Next week I’m going to see a Marilyn exhibition in Tampere, Finland. I’ve also been invited to the opening night. I’m so excited!” ~ Sirkku

“Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady inside and out. ~ Elena

“Thinking if you always and forever missing you. Happy birthday Marilyn. ~ Ashley

“Happy birthday to a star who’s effervescence continues to illuminate not only the silver screen, but also the hearts of all those who cherish in her unforgettable memory! Marilyn, we all love you so much!” ~ Sarah

“Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe
You are forever in our hearts we miss you and love you till the end of our Life ” ~ Kati

“Happy Birthday Marilyn!!! You are always in our thoughts.xx” ~ Penny

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