Here at “Marilyn Remembered,” we are wishing you all a spooktacularly happy Halloween!

Marilyn is such a huge icon throughout the world, that it’s no surpise her iconic look from “The Seven Year Itch” with the white halterneck dress and heels is one of the most popular costumes for party goers to wear.

A prime example of the many versions of Marilyn Monroe fancy dress costumes available to buy.

Of course, it’s not just fans and party goers around the world who have dressed up as Monroe, many celebrites throughout the years have tried chanelling the iconic blonde, here are a select few:

Kathrine McPhee and Megan Hilty


Cindy Crawford


Candice Swanepoel


Elle Fanning


Blake Lively


Anna Nicole Smith


Geri Halliwell

Have YOU ever dressed as Marilyn for Halloween?