The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an annual event in the city showcasing talents in all the major entertainment fields: music, comedy, theatre and dance.  The city is crammed with tourists, street preformers, stalls, daily shows.. the atmosphere is electric.

This year, there are two Marilyn stage shows running for near the entire length of August:


“She is arguably the most famous Hollywood screen icon and pin-up. This show tells the story of her troubled life from the beginning to her untimely death, which to this day is still clouded in mystery. Classical ballet dancer, singer and actress Jojo Desmond, captures Marilyn’s essence and sensuality through dialogue, dance and those famous songs, cleverly threading intriguing insights and awkward questions throughout, so you discover things you probably won’t know about her. Be prepared for great songs, jaw-droppingly gorgeous costumes and just a hint of mystery.”

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“August 5, 1962. Marilyn Monroe is found dead! Official verdict: probable suicide. Seven people are present from 22:30 before police are finally called at 04:30. What do they discuss? In the style of 12 Angry Men, all the known facts are brought together, lies exposed, myths debunked. Was it suicide? Was it the Mafia… the CIA? Or was it Bobby Kennedy? With so many unanswered questions, this is the first time the probable truth has been exposed on stage. Revealing! Shocking! Brutal! Unmissable! Co-writers: Vicki McKellar and Guy Masterson, who also directs.

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