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Sunday August 5th 2018, “Marilyn Remembered” held their annual Memorial service in honour of the 56th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s passing.  Held at Westwood Memorial Chapel, the same venue where Marilyn’s own funeral was held on August 8th, 1962.

“Marilyn Remembered” being represented by: L-R Elisa Jordan, Greg Schreiner, Jackie Craig and Scott Fortner.

Guest speakers this year included: Greg Schreiner, Gabriel Reis, Jack Allen-Joe Deal, Juliet Hyde-White, Lois Banner, Kathleen Hughes.
Acknowledgement of Special Guests: Suzanne Lloyd, Susan Bernard, Terry MooreJeanne Phillips/Abigail Van Buren

Copyright Jackie Craig
“Marilyn Remembered” President Greg Schreiner and Kathleen Hughes.
Juliet Hyde-White, Suzanne Lloyd and Harrison Held
Jeanne Phillips (Dear Abby) and Harrison Held
(Right) Daniel Selznick, Terry Moore (Center, Marilyn left) and Kelly Carrie (end.)
Daniel Selznick and Kathleen Hughes.


Greg Schreiner
Susan Bernard

The Memorial was screened live over at our Facebook Page. For those who may have missed out, please feel free to join our Facebook grop here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarilynRemembered/

Special thanks goes to Bill Bennight for allowing us to use his wonderful photographs.