Andre De Dienes:

“I asked her to flirt with my camera, to entice me with her sex appeal and to move as fast as possible, without any posing, while I was clicking the shutter over and over. And I spoke to Marilyn about she being a ne Lillian Russell and I began teaching her to walk onto a stage. She was holding the parasol and I told her she as Lillian, the great stage actress and over and over again I made Marilyn walk towards me with more and more self assurance and sex appeal, pretending she was walking on stage! I took at least two dozen shots of her like that.

Marilyn was extremely co-operative, patient, eager to please me and eager to learn! Out of a little idea and imagination I created an enormous enthusiasm for both of us that afternoon, and repeatedly we told each other that we were going to make history! And I told her my pictures of her would last forever. It was a happy afternoon for us both.”

The very same umbrella that was used for this photo shoot, still exsists today.  It is on display at the “Museum Of Style Icons” in Ireland.