Countless photographs and even video footage of Marilyn Monroe’s funeral on August 8th 1962 at Westwood Memorial Chapel have always been been readily available to the public, but only in black and white… until now.

These never-before-seen colour photographs of Monroe’s funeral have recently surfaced and have rocked the Marilyn community to its core.

Many thanks to Tracy Knauss, who uploaded the photographs with this caption:

“Never-before-seen, rare color photos of Marilyn Monroe’s funeral. A client of mine was only 22 years old when he accidentally came upon the funeral of Marilyn Monroe. He jumped the fence and got a handful of shots that hadn’t been seen until I scanned these images for him last month. Monroe died 58 years ago today in 1962. You might find some of them interesting. This guy was an amateur photographer and his pics are candid but historic in some regard, especially since all of them were in color. Enjoy.”

The Marilyn community would love to thank Tracy’s client for sharing these incredible images with us.  They are truly special.