Keeping Marilyn Monroe Real

Top lookalike Suzie Kennedy models Marilyn’s personal jacket for a Christie’s auction catalog.

She is copied, imitated, impersonated, and often misquoted.  This page is dedicated to keeping Marilyn Monroe real.  Providing the facts, pointing out what she DIDN’T really say, clarifying that not everyone who looks like Marilyn is actually Marilyn, and listing our favorite Monroe books and documentaries, it’s all here.

NOT MARILYN MONROE:  Click here to see photos of actresses and impersonators often confused for being Marilyn Monroe.  Not everyone who likes like Marilyn is actually Marilyn.

THINGS SHE DIDN’T SAY:  Click here to read quotes often attributed to Marilyn Monroe, but they’re actually things she didn’t say.

MARILYN MONROE FACTS:  Click here to learn a few new things about Marilyn.

THE BEST MARILYN MONROE RESOURCES:  There are some great books and documentaries out there about Marilyn, and there are some that should be avoided.  Click here for resources recommended by Marilyn Remembered.