Today we are wishing actor Paul Douglas (April 11th 1907 – September 11th 1959) a very happy birthday.

Douglas was an American movie star, who made his debut in films in 1936 and worked consistently up until his untimely death at 52 in 1959.  Some of his film credits include: “A Letter To Three Wives” (1949) and “Panic In The Streets” (1950.)  But it was his role in the classic film noir drama “Clash By Night” (1952) as the bumbling, but loveable Jerry D’Amato starring alongside Barbara Stamwyk, Robert Ryan and Marilyn Monroe, that he will be best remembered.  Douglas also shared the same billing with Marilyn in the 1952 comedy “We’re Not Married!”

Douglas had been cast as Mr Jeff D. Sheldrake, an iconic character in the equally iconic film “The Apartment” (1960) which was Directed by Billy Wilder and co-starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.  It would go on to be nominated for 10 Academy Awards (winning 5, including Best Picture.)  But tragically, Douglas died suddenly of a heart attack in 1959 and the role was recast and given to Fred MacMurray.

Here he is with Marilyn at the 1953 Photoplay Awards.