Photo from Julien’s Facebook page

Marilyn Monroe once again came to the auction block on November 1st 2019 which saw a various array of screen worn costumes, personal items, autographs and poetry up for sale.

Here are just some of the highlights from the day.
For a full list of every item and what they sold for, simply head here to Julien’s website:¬†

SOLD for $250,000! Marilyn Monroe’s gown and headdress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! *The same buyer purchased Jane’s copy of this dress, as well as the River Of No Return dress!


SOLD for $43,750! Jane Russell’s gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


SOLD for $280,000! Marilyn Monroe’s costume from There’s No Business Like Show Business.
SOLD for $21,875! A Marilyn Monroe-used umbrella! Monroe can be seen using this umbrella in many famous shots of her on the beach by Andre De Dienes.
SOLD for $21,875! A Marilyn Monroe event and portrait worn necklace.
SOLD for $100,000! A Marilyn Monroe cocktail dress.
SOLD for $175,000! Marilyn Monroe’s period gown from River of No Return.
SOLD for $25,000! Marilyn Monroe’s high heels from Let’s Make Love.
SOLD for $37,500! Marilyn Monroe’s bathing suit from Let’s Make It Legal.


SOLD for $81,250! Marilyn Monroe’s chair used in her final 1962 photo session.
SOLD for $11,250! Marilyn Monroe’s psychiatrist’s couch.

SOLD for $11,250! A Marilyn Monroe-labeled bathing suit!


SOLD for $46,875! A Marilyn Monroe Pucci skirt and top ensemble!


All photos and captions sourced from Julien’s Facebook page¬†