“Most of the mail I get is letters from all over the world talking about “Some Like It Hot.” I would say overall, it’s probably the biggest hit I’ve ever been in, I’m sure. I’ve had films that have grossed more in the beginning, but they’ve had a shorter life; this just keeps on going and going and going.
I think without any hesitation, no hesitation whatsoever-and forgetting the fact that I was in it, because that’s not what really affected the reusult for me–I think it is the best comedy script I have ever read and probably ever will read.”
I just can’t imagine reading a comedy script that could be better. I think that Billy Wilder was at the height of his powers, I think that it’s the equal of the best thing he’s ever done, comedy or drama. I think it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen.”
Jack Lemmon on “Some Like It Hot.”