Remembering Shelley Winters who passed away on this date in 2006. Shelley & Marilyn were good friends and, according to Shelley, roommates in their early years in Hollywood. Shelley managed to break out of the sexpot mold that Hollywood tried to put her in and had a long, varied career. Her most notable pieces of work include: “The Poseidon Adventure” (1972) “Lolita” (1962) and “The Night Of The Hunter” (1955

Winters and Monroe at the 1960 Golden Globe Awards

Shelley spoke openly about her friendship with Marilyn over the years, appearing in countless documentaries and books on Monroe’s life. She always remembered her fondly and was once quoted as saying: “I watch people watching her films and they become alive. She had that quality and she could project it. It was an earthy magic and it’s still there on the screen.”

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