MICHELLE MORGAN, a name that in recent years has become a staple in every Marilyn fan’s vocabulary.  Over on our “Marilyn Remembered” Facebook group, one of the most commonly asked questions is “what is your favourite Marilyn biography?” and an overwhelming amount of people will always answer with the same response: “Marilyn Monroe: Private And Undisclosed” by Michelle Morgan (2007).  Not since Donald Spoto’s 1993 mammoth book titled “Marilyn Monroe: The Biography” have fans universally come together and heaped praise on such a well researched, loving tribute to Monroe’s life and career.

Michelle Morgan is no stranger to researching and writing about Miss Monroe, “The Little Book Of Marilyn” will be the author’s 5th title release in regards to Monroe’s life and legacy: “Marilyn’s Addresses” (1995) “Marilyn Monroe: Private And Undisclosed” (2007) “Before Marilyn” (2015) and “The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch And The Birth Of An Unlikely Feminist” (2016) have all received rave reviews and the Marilyn community have come to trust Morgan as one of the most reputable Monroe authors out there.

“The Little Book Of Marilyn” is quite simply, an utter delight!  “Let Your Inner Marilyn Shine!” the back cover reads and it’s not wrong.  This 216 page, handbag sized treat is a treasure trove of style advice, beauty tutorials, lifestyle tips and everything you need to know to be your own best version of the glamourous Hollywood star.

“The Little Book Of Marilyn” is such a visual treat, from the eye catching front cover, to the stunning high quality photographs, both in colour and in black and white, this is a book that you will continue to pull off your book shelf again and again simply just to browse through, because it looks THAT good!

The book has seven chapters, each more glamorous and as exciting than the last! (look out for the tutorial on how to create your very own bathroom tile, exactly like Marilyn’s own in her 5th Helena Drive home!)
Chapter 1: Her Story
Chapter 2: Inspiration
Chapter 3: Style
4: Beauty
Chapter 5: Life Skills
Chapter 6: Personal Effects
Chapter 7: Walk With Marilyn

One of the highlights of this book, is how much Michelle has involved members of the Marilyn online community.  If you frequent the many online fan clubs and websites dedicated to Monroe, you are bound to recognise so many famliar names and faces, which gives the book a very intimate, personal feel, as if you’re all sat round a coffee table, having a good old natter about our girl!  Marilyn Remembered founder Greg Schriener and leadership team member Scott Fortner are highlighted in the book, as are many other members of the club, including Fraser Penney, Megan Owen, Hanna Nixon, Suzie Kennedy, Marisa Vanderpest, Leslie Summey, Vanessa Roden, Rebecca Swift, Emma Mitchell, Jessica Kiper, Katy Kinloch, Kaylie Minzola, Ashley Clark and Laura Kallio.

Furthermore, what is also great about this book is its universal appeal.  You don’t need to be a die hard student of Monroe to enjoy it, you may just be a casual fan who admires Marilyn’s style, or you may have a relative or a friend who loves Old Hollywood glamour and wants advice on vintage clothing, hair, make up etc.

In conclusion, this book gets a massive (glamorous!) thumbs up.  It’s bright, bubbly, fun sized and a loving tribute to Marilyn.  Your book shelf is going to look very dull without it!

“The Little Book Of Marilyn” is out now (25th July 2019 in the UK) retailing for $12.15 and £12.99 (UK) and Published by Running Press.

Michelle Morgan is the author of many Hollywood related books, including “The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch, and The Birth Of The Unlikely Feminist.”  She has spoken at the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum; and appeared in several documentaries, including “Artists in Love: Marilyn and Arthur.”  Michelle lives in Northamptonshire.