Today marks 70 years since the release of the 1953 film noir thriller ‘Niagara’starring Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotton, Jean Peters and Directed by Henry Hathaway.

“Marilyn Monroe and Niagara, a raging torrent of emotion that even nature can’t control!” read the tag line on billboards and advertisements. Twentieth Century FOX pulled out all the stops on what was to be Marilyn’s first starring role in a major motion picture.

The official synopsis of the movie reads as follows: “The splendour of both Niagara falls and Marilyn Monroe enhance this taut tale about a faithless wife plotting against her husband. Joseph Cotten stars as George Loomis, a disturbed Korean war veteran staying at Niagara Falls with his wife, Rose (Monroe). Thoroughly sensuous and constantly scheming, Rose intends to kill her husband and run off with her lover. But first she is going to drive George mad by flaunting herself before anyone who will notice.”

‘Niagara’ was first released in theatres on January 21st 1953 and grossed a healthy $2.35 million return on an outlay of $1,670,000 during its initial run.  Today it is still among Marilyn’s most popular films. Happy birthday ‘Niagara!’

We’ll be celebrating 70 years of this film noir triumph in “Marilyn Remembered.” What are your thoughts on Marilyn’s big breakthrough role?