Happy Birthday David Wayne! (January 30th 1914 – 9th February 1995.)

David Wayne was an American stage and screen actor with a career spanning over 50 years. Marilyn fans will recognise him as being her most frequent co-star, sharing the billing with Marilyn in no less than 4 of her movies:
“As Young As You Feel”
“We’re Not Married!”
“O Henry’s Full House”
“How To Marry A Millionaire”

With little or no screen time shared in “As Young As You Feel” and “O Henry’s Full House,” they were on screen lovers in “We’re Not Married!” and “How To Marry A Millionaire.”

Wayne was quoted as saying (on her performance in “How To Marry A Millionaire”)
“Negulesco (the Director) was very good with her and handled her beautifully. Of course she was always late, but I don’t think either Betty Grable or Lauren Bacall minded her. They were tough old pros and knew their business. There again, I also recall Marilyn being quite capable in her scenes with the other two girls. I wasn’t necessarily in the scene with them, but I’d sit next to Negulesco and watch the three of them work and by that time I thought that Marilyn had got a little technique under her belt.”

Happy birthday David!

Monroe and Wayne on the set of “How To Marry A Millionaire.”
Monroe and Wayne on the set of “We’re Not Married.”