2020 Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service

The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club came into existence on August 5, 1982, when four devoted fans, each there to pay respects to Marilyn, met at Westwood Village Memorial Park. As no official memorial service had been held for Marilyn since 1962, Greg Schreiner, Teresa & Catherine Seeger and Anthony Cordova founded Marilyn Remembered with the mission to preserve the memory of Marilyn Monroe with dignity, respect and love.

Marilyn Remembered has hosted a memorial service for Marilyn each year since 1982, and 2020 was no different. We are committed to honoring Marilyn, and to providing fans with an opportunity to come together to remember her on the anniversary of her passing in spite of the global coronavirus pandemic. The 2020 memorial service was live-streamed around globe on Wednesday, August 5. The service can be viewed on our IGTV channel here.

We are forever grateful to the following club members and fans who donated money for flowers for Marilyn’s service this year.